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WholeCellUSA provide the best Wholesale Phone Accessories USA, We have lots of variety in whole cell phones and accessories. Samsung galaxy S8 is the new entry in the world of Samsung!  This gorgeous looking phone is regarded as the most beautiful and intricately made smartphone ever. With wonderful specifications and amazing features, this new addition to the Samsung family has created everything on fire. People have started comparing it with the Apple iPhone and many believe that the Samsung wins over them. Who win and who doesn’t? Only time and the reviews from the users will tell, however, below are the few important features and specifications being explained that you can find in the new S8!

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  1. Screen:

    The screen is one of the most appealing features. It has been called as an infinity screen, it is said to curve around the side of the device. The screen is taller and provides the most amazing and the best display of the image and the visuals. The display itself feels glorious. Samsung claims it to be the first Mobile HDR Premium, meaning better colors, darker blacks, and brighter whites to greet your eyes.

  2. Body:

    Samsung has tried to remove the annoying buttons that were present in its older versions. Due to the screen, the phone itself feels taller than usual. The fingerprint scanner has been moved to the back. The S8 has the iris recognition as well as the newer facial recognition too.

  3. Camera:Wholesale Phone Accessories USA

    Samsung has seen a very strong competition in terms of the camera from the family of iPhones and that of Google pixel but S7 had the best camera and Samsung continued to maintain it ahead as well. The camera has multi-frame image processing tool as well and the results seen are excellent.

  4. Software:

    The software has always been a question in terms of Samsung phones and this time, it seems like they have overcome the issue as S8 has the best software among all.

  5. Battery life:

    It can charge over USB-C and there is wireless charging if one has a charging paid. The battery life sustains for long enough – a handsome time.cell phone accessories distributors usa

  6. Verdict:

    Samsung family is ambitious about the S8 and it looks like they have set a higher standard with this absolutely beautifully designed phone that seems to be the best so far in 2017!