What Cell Phone Accessories Should You Get for Your Phone?

Cell phone accessories are value adding hardware to the cell phones and increase the utility of the cell phones. Consumers use to buy the accessories for their new cell phones to avail more advantages from their cell phones. Some of the cell phones are available in the packing box of the cell phone while other accessories people use to buy from market. These accessories are also available on online stores like Whole Cell USA and customers can easily buy from there. These accessories include cell phone cases, anti-lost devices, phone charms, mass storage, chargers, external batteries, photo accessories, Bluetooth devices, selfie stick and smart phone tripod mount. Every accessory has its own utility and people can buy these accessories according to their needs. Some of these accessories are also used to make the cell phone look more attractive.

Cell phone cases are used mainly to protect the cell phone from getting damage, dirt and scratches. They also prevent the cell phone from heat. They are easily installable and don’t need any technical knowledge to fix it on the cell phone. They are made of rigid and anti shock material like silicon, plastic, rubber or leather. These cell phone cases are available in different designs and colours which makes it look more attractive. The price of the cell phone cover is very low as compared to other accessories. They also prevents the cell phone from getting slip from smooth cover and can have more advance features like having a hook or ring on back of it making the user comfortable to hold the cell phone or to hang the cell phone with their belts and bags. Some cell phone covers have a stand on back of it which keeps the cell phone vertical or in standing position and there is no need to hold the cell phone and the user can use it by keeping it on any horizontal surface, some cell phone covers have external batteries which prolongs the usage of the cell phone without charging it again and again.

Most of the people have security problem relating to their cell phone which means it can be stolen or simply the owner of the cell phone can forget it somewhere and may face the difficulty in finding it. People don’t want to lose their expensive cell phones which will also have their valuable and private data of them. For this reason the anti-lost devices are useful which are normally in key chain shape and work through GPS or Bluetooth and makes the users to track and find their cell phone easily.

Phone charms are also used to decorate the cell phone and to make the cell phone more attractive. They are available in different designs and colours across the market.

Chargers are the most important and vita accessory of the cell phone. People cannot use their cell phones without charging it. Original charges are always available with the new cell phones. But people may get if from markets or online stores if they want another one or want to replace the damaged one. Due to technological advancements wireless charges are also available for some of the advanced cell phones.

People who like to manage their time properly and believe in multi tasking like having communication while driving or using computer for typing prefer to have Bluetooth devices or hands-free so that they will continue their communication even if their hands are not free to keep the cell phone near their ears. These devices are also used for entertainment purpose like listening music or anything else without disturbing people surrounding them.

Preventing the screen from getting damage or scratches always remains a great problem. So, people use to fix the screen protector on the screens of their cell phones which is easily replaceable and do not affect the screen utility. They are available in transparent glass or plastic material.

Pouches are used to carry the cell phones easily and with safety from getting damaged. They can be easily fixed with the bags and dresses.

Most of the people especially those who travel a lot do not get chance to charge their cell phones every day. So, they use power banks to charge their cell phones. They are small devices, available in different shapes, designs and sizes which can charge a cell phone several times depending upon their capacity normally mentioned on it and its quality. These power banks are also rechargeable like cell phone with the help of chargers.

People use their cell phones mostly to keep their presence on the social media and use to capture a lot of pictures and they also do it for their work. But keeping cell phone in hand will not cover more area and will not provide more distance for the user, for this purpose selfie sticks are used to capture picture from more distance and provides more angle for the user. They are narrow hand held devises, bearing a button on it which is used to command the cell phone to capture picture.

Every cell phone has its own memory limit and can be consumed by the use of it when the user will store different types of files in his / her cell phone. For increasing the memory limit of the cell phone SD Cards are used. These SD Cards are available in different sizes in market and bears a small structure. They can also be used to transfer data from one device to another in less time.

Sometimes the users of the cell phone wants to capture better quality picture than the original quality of the cell phone camera and may also want to have more zoom in function. For this purpose photo accessories are used to capture picture with good quality and from far away as these devises can zoom from far way to take picture. Some people also use the tripod mount for capturing picture as it works like a stand for the cell phone and the user needs not to hold the device or to support physically the cell phone by any means.