The Eight Most Sold Cell Phone Accessories List in 2017

Whether you travel within the city or out of it, carrying essential gadgets can always be helpful and will save you from trouble too at times. It is essentially important to have the crucial and most used cell phone accessories with you wherever you go. It will not only make the travel smooth and enjoyable but will also ensure your safety.

However, many people usually hesitate in carrying the cell phone accessories when they are on the go as it seems a tedious job. One might never be cent percent sure about what to carry and what not to as almost all the cell phone accessories seem important and should be taken along, however, toning down the list to the most used and the most important is important.

What were the 8 most sold cell phone accessories in 2017 is an interesting survey to be done how the fact that makes it most liked is the functioning of all these gadgets and therefore, the customers have been attracting towards them throughout the previous year.

Advancing technology and the newer times are continuously blessing us with starkling and surprising cell phone accessories daily that are sold like hot cakes in the market and are facilitating their users grabbing all the praise and applause.

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What were the cell phone accessories that were sold the most in 2017? And what made them so appealing? What were the reasons that grabbed the attention of all the gadget freaks?

Here are a list and a complete guide to all those 8 cell phone accessories that topped the charts in the previous years and won over the market. Reading it might also help you pick the most important ones for your next travel and would save you some time from the crazy packing that makes one tired.

  1. Phone power bank:

    Undoubtedly and very rightly so sitting at number one for all the valid reasons. The phone power bank has proven to be a user’s best friend, companion, and savior in all times of need and has always been there when the phone started acting up or when you forgot to take along any other precautionary measure. Despite claiming to be having long working hours, there is not any phone that will last for as long as you want and the battery’s power is ought to exhaust at one or the other point. The power bank will have your back in all these times of need. Sold like hot cakes, the portable ones also made their entry and were liked. KMASHI portable power banks were proven to be the best among all with ensured quality and functioning.

  2. Flash drive:

    The second most important among the accessories was a flash drive since the storage of the phone is one of the most important concerns of the user. When you are on the go gadgets that can keep up with you for all the incoming data is a must and hence so, a variety of flash drives proved to be handy in these regards.

  3. Tempered glass screen protectors:

    Bumps, falls, scratches and all the damages are inevitable and therefore, the screens must be protected with the tempered glass protectors before it is too late. One of the favorites from the previous years was these life-saving protectors that helped to escape the bigger accidents.

  4. Headphones:

    Never out of fashion and the most sold in the previous year, a pair of good headphones is all you need in life.

  5. Mini USB cable:

    They saved the users from the hassle of carrying long cables and surely made it to the list of the most sold for the convenience and efficiency of use.

  6. Bluetooth speaker:

    Particularly made its way into the gadget collection of those who would not prefer the headphones. They were helpful in listening to music anywhere even from far apart.

  7. Wireless chargers:

Gone are the days of long wires and cables. They were introduced and liked by many users for their best working hours.

  1. Mobile hotspot:

    They are the new cool and a blessing for those who use wifi frequently was sold the most making their way to the list. These eight accessories were the talk of the town in the previous year and hence, have been listed as the most liked and sold gadgets!

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