The 5 Tested Unlocked Cell Phones that are Safe to Buy

Many people buy their phones directly from a carrier with a contract, however, buying unlocked cell phones are the new trend gaining the popularity. People find it easier to go for the unlocked cell phones and they are in greater demand as compared to the others for their within reach access and better results.

Unlocked cell phones can be used on more than one network and that means you can switch the Sims whenever you like.

Here is the list of 5 tested unlocked cell phones that are safer to buy and will not disappoint you either.

  1. iPhone X: One of the best, literally the best of the best and always a wiser pick to go along the Apple. Buying it unlocked directly from Apple is a wise pick; it pretty much works anywhere you wonder. Its built and design will always be so that it can function normally without giving any tough time to its user.
  2. Google pixel 2 XL: For the best and powerful Android experience, it is the wisest go with Google Pixel. You can buy it directly from Google and it works normally anywhere you take it along you.
  3. Galaxy S8: With its innovative and refined features, it is being sold as hot cakes. Al unlocked S8 works the best on all major and minor networks without causing any hassle. The water resistant feature is the best that has been introduced with it making it even more appealing for the customers.
  4. One Plus 5: Its specifications are the most startling and they provide a wide array of functions. It is updated and advanced and was thought to beat the newer versions of other bands. It is well worth taking a chance on and will never disappoint its users.
  5. Moto G5 plus: Whenever you dive in the budget end of the pool, always be careful because the deal-breaking compromises are common. Buying it unlocked from Motorola directly will serve as a wiser option as it is safe to be used on the larger networks as well as the less used ones.