Smartphone pocket pouches – a fusion of necessity and style

Handling the Smartphone is always a trouble when you have a lot of accessories along with it. A wallet, some visiting cards, few notes, other important papers, ID card and what not; all of these tucked in forcefully into your purse along with your Smartphone usually puts you in a lot of discomfort when you have to manage everything in the side pockets of your outfit or the back pockets of your pant or the little space in the front of your shirt. But we have got an amazing solution for you. Here is an interesting list of Smartphone pocket pouches that would not only help you manage your belongings in a handy way but would also keep all the things in a single place and well organised.

  1. The Horizontal Leather Pouches:

    Available in different sizes, these trendy horizontal leather pouches enable you to carry your IPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3 with more ease and class. Having built in belts and the comfy space it provides will enable you to handle the accessories all and at once.

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  2. The Vertical Camo Pouches:

    These come in a variety of colors offering you a long list to pick up your selection from. Whether it is your IPhone 5 or 6 or a trendy Samsung smart phone, these pouches with built-in loops and clips enable you to secure your belongings while keeping them close to your body, making sure you feel the vibration when needed. So, what are you waiting for? Surf in the following link and pick one for you:


  3. Vertical Leather Pouches:

    Similar to their counterparts, the horizontal ones, these vertical leather pouches are made of the real leather stuff and provide the best quality material. They provide easy handling with the spacious item that can easily accommodate a few items along with your phone. It means, you can tuck in the phone along with money in the pockets of your pants without worrying about missing calls or important texts since these items are made with great craftsmanship and in a way, that enable you to keep the phone close to your body so that you’ll be able to easily recognize the vibration whenever there is a notification. Exciting! Isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Rush to and get one for yourself, as soon as possible.

  4. The Vertical Velcro Pouches:

    They are the handiest ones of them all. Having an already attached clip to the back of the pouch enables you to easily hang it with the pocket, whereas the large enough pockets carry all your belongings in a compact item to save you the trouble of carrying around different holders. These are preferable suited for Note 3, S6, and IPhone 5, also available as XXL Vertical Velcro Pouches.

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    Happy Shopping!