5 important Features of Screen Protectors.

With the purchase of any phone set comes the time of buying accessories. Everyone wants a fancy pouch or wallet, headphones set, some protectors and the list goes on. However, the most important accessory to buy is that of a screen protector. There are many kinds of screen protectors available. From the glass to the plastic ones, the list is long. But which one should be bought differs from person to person and also from one phone to another. Many specifications should be considered before finally purchasing the protector for phone however 5 most important features of the screen protectors that should be checked before you make a final call are listed before.

  1. The material being used:

    There are many kinds of screen protectors. From the simple plastic ones to the tempered glass ones to the anti – glare ones, the list is long. It is important to see what material protector you are buying and make sure it is important for your cell phone. Usually, tempered glass screen protectors are considered the best and long lasting.

  2. The Touch:

    After the manufacture comes the design. Make sure it is a smooth touch protector that you are going to invest in. Usually, the sub-standard material is being sold and hence so, rough or the ones with scratches should be avoided.

  3. Thickness:

    Slim and thin protectors work the best but it is important to make sure that they are of good quality and can provide optimum protection. After the increase in a making of sub-standard products, thicker protectors are seen in the markets that usually harm the screen. This is why it is important to see the width and thickness of the protector that you are going to buy.

  4. Manufacture:

    The protector should be having rounded edges and it must be shatter-proof. It should be anti-scratch and must have full touch sensitivity. It should have the anti-fingerprint quality and must also provide high definition specifications.

  5. Bubble free installation:

    It should be easy to manipulate and there should be no entrapped bubbles during installing it.