Portable Cell Phone Charger list for Android Smart Phones

If you are having a smartphone or tablet or any other gadget, the power will run dry the moment you need it the most. Especially in case of Smartphones, one is out to run out of the power and needs a lasting cell phone charger to carry out all the functions smoothly. Android smartphones are the most used and liked phones without a doubt. They are popular for their working life and better specifications. However, finding the most lasting cell phone charger for your smartphone can be a tedious job at times because the market is full of many that can give you a second thought and will make you doubt the decision that you are going to take.

cell phone charger

Nobody likes to be sitting near a socket so that the phone is charged and you don’t run the power drying out on you in times of need and whilst making the most important operations of life. Therefore, it is always advisable to go for a portable cell phone charger for your Android smartphone in order to avoid the hassle of carrying around long cable wires with you. A portable cell phone charger has become the ideal choice and most demanded one of the customers these days. All these portable gadgets make your life easier and convenient. You can smoothly carry out the functions without having to be involved in handling the cables and having to worry about the socket every time you have to work.

These days one can get many options while buying a portable cell phone charger for his/her Android smartphone.

In order to help you make the right pick, here is a list of where you can select.

  1. Mophie PowerStation XL:

    One of the most long-lasting one among those entire available, Mophie portable cell phone charger will help you work on your Android Smart Phone for long hours smoothly and efficiently. It is the best to take with you on a trip or in a no-man’s zone.

  2. Fluxmob BOLT:

    It is equivalent to kill two birds with one stone. A portable charger that is the smallest in size and also a battery backup, saving you money and time as well as making all your functions happens smoothly without any problem or getting stopped in the middle.

  3. Juno Jumpr:

    If the battery dies on you meanwhile you are doing an important task, it is not a welcoming sight, isn’t it? Everybody wants to do all their tasks without hurdles. In order to save your smartphone from untimely blackouts, this portable charger is a life saver investment for you to make. It promises to give a 6000 mAH battery boost that can keep on your phone to run for as long as you like. The most starkling feature of this little wonder invention is that it can jumpstart your car’s dead battery as well.

  4. Anker 2nd Gen Astro 3 with Power IQ:

    Another amazing candidate on the list, Anker can never go wrong with its products; this little portable entry is very convenient to be taken around with you.

  5. Fuel Micro Charger:

    Considered to be the world’s smallest charger, it is as much as the size of a quarter can be carried around easily with your keychain and is made of aluminum that has long durability. It can easily give your Android smartphones an extra boost when needed.

These listed portable cell phone chargers can help you get an idea of how important and handy these little gadgets come and you may also get one for yourself. cell phone charger