Online Cell Phone Accessories for Smartphones & Tablets

After buying a new cell phone, I was concern to buy its accessories in order to protect it from getting damage, theft, make it more attractive and prolong its battery timing and to capture pictures more easily and effectively.

Although some of the accessories were available with the cell phone in the cell phone box while some I bought from Whole Cell USA, because it is the only online store from where I can get quality products at low price and quick delivery according to me.

First of all my concern was to protect my cell phone as it was very expensive and I don’t wanted it to get damage and for that purpose I had to buy the cell phone cover. I searched and found that the cell phone covers are made with the rigid materials like rubber, silicon or plastic which are good protectors against damage. Later on, I also found that the cell phone covers are available in customised way like it can be available with the stand which will keep it in standing position; it is also available with the combination of external batteries which will help to prolong the battery time and more use. Luckily I found the most attractive cell phone cover there which had a stand with it and made in comfortable position as I have not to hold the cell phone for long time but just to keep it on table in front of me in vertical position on table to watch video and movies.

The second accessory which I bought was the screen protector which is very helpful to protect the device screen against damage and scratches as the screens of the recently launched cell phones are very expensive and involves a big amount of cost to change it. I was looking for such a screen protector which will protect my cell phone screen and will be totally transparent and invisible. Moreover my concern was to get a good quality of the screen protector which will also not harm the screen of my cell phone when I will change it. I bought a screen protector online from Whole Cell USA at very reasonable cost and the quality was as good as I wanted to be. I simply took it from its packing and removed the back plastic packing and pasted it on the screen of my cell phone after cleaning the screen of the cell phone properly. It was totally invisible and I got the satisfaction that now my device is protected from scratches and getting damaged.

The third accessory which I needed was a tracking device l for my cell phone as I have lost two cell phones previously and I didn’t wanted to lose my new cell phone as I simply loved it and it was very costly. So, I ordered a tacking keychain for my cell phone because of which I was able to track my cell phone easily whenever I used to forget that where I have kept my cell phone.

I use my cell phone a lot for keeping my presence on social media; research relating to my studies and watching entertainment videos because of which the battery is consumed quickly and I have to charge the battery again. But the problem was that I have got only one charger with my cell phone and I use to keep it in my home for charging my cell phone. Whenever I needed a charger at my office to charge my cell phone there was a great problem for me. So I decided to buy a new cell phone charger for myself so that I will be keeping it permanently at my office and will be able to use it whenever I need. But there was a problem that I was unable to get a good quality of charger from market which will be able to work as the original charger was doing and will not harm my cell phone battery life. Then I remembered that I can get it from Whole Cell USA because there everyone can find the original cell phone chargers. So, I ordered from there. Now I have two chargers for charging my cell phone, one at my home and one at office.

But my problem was not totally solved as I have to travel a lot and every time was unable to charge my cell phone every time with the charger. So, I needed a power bank to charge my cell phone while travelling but I was aware of the fact that most of the power banks available in market are not of good quality which results in damage of the battery life and also don’t charge the cell phone battery fully. So, again I placed order on Whole Cell USA and got a smart power bank for myself which is not only attractive in looking but also is of very good quality and is able to charge my cell phone several times. I just have to charge it and keep it in my pocket and can use it anywhere whenever I need it.

Bluetooth device is used by most of the people for listening music and answering calls. I had to work on my computer system and at the same time use to remain on call with my clients for the work related discussion during my work and typing on the computer. To I also needed a Bluetooth device which can have long battery time and have clear voice; simply I needed a good quality Bluetooth. So, I ordered it from the same online store Whole Cell USA. I got the delivery of the Bluetooth device soon after placing the order and I started using it. The most amazing thing is that now communication on phone call is very easy and I don’t get tired by holding the cell phone near my ear. Now I can communicate easily with my clients on cell phone and also enjoy listening music during a walk or in during exercise in gym without disturbing people around me. Most of my friends also ordered the same Bluetooth devise from the same online store and they are also very happy with it.

Simply I can order any accessory from Whole Cell USA with the guarantee of the price and the quality and I am also sure that I can get the original and good quality mobile parts from the same online store whenever I needed.