Glass screen protector vs. Plastic screen protector; which one stands out?

The first question that hit us all after buying a new phone is how to protect it? And there starts a never ending quest of all the safety items. From mobile phone covers to pouches to wallets to the screen protectors, everything needs to be purchased for an ensured safety. Sounds like a lot of labor, no? It sure does but we are going to make it an easier one for you. This article is going to compare the features of glass screen protectors with those of the plastic ones so that you are able to make the wisest selection for your phone according to your needs and requirements.

Comparing the thickness:

The glass protectors are thicker as compared to the plastic ones hence expect them to be a little protruding out of the normal limit. This feature is usually seen in the phones that are very smoothly finished. The plastic ones usually attach firmly and no such issue is seen with them. The glass ones are usually 0.3-0.5mm where most of the plastic ones come in a range of around 0.1 mm. Seems like a call for the aesthetics compared with strength, glass ones might be losing points here.

In terms of toughness:

Tempered glass protectors are mostly strongly built as compared to the plastic ones. The plastic ones are subjected to scratches and marks easily. However, on the contrary, the glass ones resist all these problems. You go, glass protectors!

What about durability?

Which one are more durable, glass protectors or the plastic ones? The glass protectors usually seem to have a longer life as compared to the plastic ones. It is due to the fact that they are made in such a way through different thermal and chemical means, which enable them to withstand more pressure and shock as compared to the plastic screen protectors. This is why they can be used for a long time effectively!

How feasible it is to use them? If you have had the chance to use these protectors, you would know that the glass screen protectors are very easy to apply and they almost feel like original screen. However, talking about the plastic ones, it is quite a hassle to apply them.

Glass Tempered-3

Comparing the prices:

The plastic ones are much cheaper than the glass ones but this does mean a compromise on the quality as well. Glass screen protectors present with the minimum chances of fingerprints whereas plastic ones usually lag behind in this aspect.

Our ultimate winner is clear! Our “glass screen protectors” prove to be better than the plastic ones for all the reasons stated above! Happy shopping.