Cellphone Accessories at Wholesale Prices

What is the first thing that customer notices? It’s the price of the object, and then compares it with the quality and decides whether to buy the product or not. Finding phone accessories at cheap prices and equally good functionality is near to impossible. But with wholecell USA, finding cell phone accessories at wholesale prices is just the touch of a button away. From cases to headsets, from parts to chargers, you can have it all. Wholecell USA covers a number of brands including IPhone, Samsung, ZTE, Alcatel, LG, and Coolpad.


All major parts of the IPad series and IPhone series are easily available at Wholecell USA. Now you can shop for parts for your IPhone and IPad from the comforts of your home.


This section includes a variety of regular hands-free, Bluetooth hands-free and Bluetooth speakers. The age of cellphones without headphone jack is coming ahead and finding Bluetooth hands-free at an economical price is becoming kind of difficult. The ones mostly available are either way pricy or low in performance. Wholecell USA provides you the right blend of quality and lesser price.


A number of items have been included in the charger section by Wholecell USA to facilitate the charging process. Whether you are at home, work, driving or anywhere, you would find charging your phone easier than ever. The accessories in the charger section include 3 in1 / 2 in1 USB chargers, cables, USB adapters, power banks, USB data cables, and wall chargers. Less in price and high in quality, these items are a must pick.


Wallets not only serve the purpose of protecting your phone, but also give a touch of chicness to your smart phone. A range of covers are available in different colours, patterns and designs. These wallets are available for Alcatel, LG, IPhone, Samsung and ZTE. Style and safety go hand in hand with these amazing wallets at Wholecell USA.


If you want a touch of elegance, these leather pouches available at Wholecell USA are the right option for you. They are available in horizontal leather, vertical camo, vertical leather and vertical camo. Not only do they keep your phone safe, but also have space for keeping your important cards. What could be better than that?! Hurry up and make a purchase before they are sold out.


Wholecell USA has a wide range of armor as well as protector cases. Armor cases are further categorized into hybrid ones, kickstand and tough, each type having its own perks. Protector cases are further categorized into diamond, skin, and snap on. Each category of cases is available for specific brands. You can either search by the brand of your cellphone of by the type of case you’re looking for. By price point and by quality, the cases are a must buy.