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Screen protector is an additional sheet commonly made from polyurethane or glass by cutting exact shape of your device along with holes and buttons of camera and speakers that can be attached to the screen of an electronic device and protect it against physical damage. When you buy an expensive device or smart phone you want to protect it for a long term usage from being scratched, dust, or finger prints by using screen protectors. When you have a cell phone and you put it in your pocket or in your bag then it may be get scratched from your pocket or hand bag accessories so to protect your phone you must have to use screen protectors. Wholecellusa is the best Cell Phone Accessories Suppliers, from where you can get the best cell phone accessories at wholesale rates. Some of the benefits of using screen protector are:

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Screen Protectors – cell phone accessories suppliers

The most common benefit of using the screen protector is that it prevents your cell phone screen from being dirty or smudgy by finger touch. When you use your cell phone with your finger then it leaves marks on your screen which will make your screen dirty or smudgy. Screen protectors keep your cell phone screen new n smudge free.

Screen protector enhances the privacy of your cell phone by the data is displayed on the cell phone screen only to the person who is holding cell phone directly in front of him or her the other person who is opposed to the screen can see the screen unreadable or blurred.

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Screen protectors minimize the reflection issue. When we are standing in sun light then it is difficult to read the screen due to reflection. Screen protectors use the matte finish that will reduce this issue. It will reduce the stress on your eyes while reading the cell phone screen in the sun light or any harsh light that creates the reflection.