Best Accessories for Your IPhone and IPad

Now that you have purchased the IPhone or IPad you always wanted to buy, it’s time to accessorize it. Wholecell USA has a huge variety of accessories for your iPhone and IPad including cases, handsfree, power banks, chargers, screen protectors adapters and more. You can search the item by the type of accessory you want or shop accessories by the iPhone or IPad’s model number. Accessories and cases are available for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, IPhone 5S, IPhone 5SE, IPhone 6, IPhone 6S, IPhone 7, IPhone 7S, IPad Air, IPad Air 2, IPad Mini 4, and IPad Mini 1/2/3. With unbeatable prices and huge discounts, the best accessories for your iPhone and IPad available at Wholecell USA are the right option for both the wholesale as well as retail customers.


Wholecell USA has an enormous range of armor as well as protector cases for IPhones & IPads. Armor cases are further categorized into hybrid ones, kickstand ones and tough ones, each type having its individual benefits. Protector cases are further divided into diamond, skin, and snap on. Each kind of case is available for all models of iPhones and IPads. You can either search for cases in the IPhone/IPad section or by the type of case you’re looking for. By price point and by quality, the cases are something not to miss.


A number of items have been included in the charger section by Wholecell USA for your iPhone Whether you are at home, work, driving or anywhere, you would find charging your iPhone convenient than ever. The accessories in the charger section include 3 in1 / 2 in1 USB chargers, cables, USB adapters, power banks, USB data cables, and wall chargers for iPhone. Less in price and high in quality, these products are a must choose.


This section has a number of regular handsfree, Bluetooth handsfree and Bluetooth speakers for iPhones and IPads. Finding Bluetooth handsfree for your IPhone and IPad at an economical price has become pretty difficult. The ones mostly available are either way pricy or are pathetic when it comes to their functionality. Wholecell USA provides the perfect combination of quality with affordable price.


All major parts of the IPad series and IPhone series are easily available at Wholecell USA. All the major parts of IPhones and IPads are a click away.


Wallets not only protect your IPhone, but also make it appear more a elegant. A range of these wallets are available in different colours, patterns and designs. These wallets are available for IPhone 4, IPhone 5 and IPhone 7. Give your IPhones style and safety with these affordable and high quality wallets at Wholecell USA.


Available in horizontal leather, vertical camo, vertical leather and vertical camo, these leather pouches available at Wholecell USA are the right option Not only do they keep your IPhone and IPads safe, but also provide you with space for keeping your important cards. Hurry up and purchase before they are sold out.